I would recommend these books.

I would recommend these books.

PostPosted by AB64 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:51 am

One Of Your Own - Carol Ann Lee.
The Moors Murders (The Trial)- Jonathan Goodman. *
The Moors Murders - David Marchbanks. *
Return To Hell - Robert Wilson.
Brady And Hindley - Fred Harrison.
The Monsters Of The Moors - John Deane Potter. *
Evil Relations - Carol Ann Lee & David Smith.

* These books are from the sixties but, for their time, they are good books.

I have also read Stalker - John Stalker's autobiography. There is only a small part of the book that refers to the moors case but it does show the confusion and paranoia that was familiar in the time of CC James Anderton.
How could ACC Stalker not have been told about Hindley's visit to the moor by CC Anderton and then be left to answer the questions from the press?
I was once told by a very senior officer that Chester House, the HQ of Greater Manchester Police at the time, was often referred to within the ranks as 'Chester Zoo.'
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