Re. Search for Keith

Re. Search for Keith

PostPosted by homasimpson » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:13 am

Just wondering if there was a map of where the other murdered children where found?
Do not think Braidey would have veared very far from the main road to burie keiths body because of the condition of the moors.
Wondering if there might of been some kind of pattern for him to remember where they had buried the bodies? They seemed to be sick very simple minded couple.

One more thing i personally do not think Hindley died in prison????? I read somewhere that she appealed to the European Courts of Equal Rights and won the appeal ?
All we seen on tv a hurst with a coffin in the back driving away from the prison........ The authorities are not just going to let her out to blend back into sociaty are they???
Plastic surgery and a new passport can work wonders these days...

P.S. Sorry about spelling. I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THESE ARE ONLY MY OWN THOUGHTS AND CONCLUETIONS (but anythings possible}
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Re: Re. Search for Keith

PostPosted by AB64 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:29 pm

I think we have to be very careful about locations of sites as there is, unfortunately, a strange attraction to those places by ghouls and certain other kinds of people that have a not all together respectful view of the tragic events that took place in those areas. I would certainly not point out exact locations for those reasons.

I believe that if there was an intended pattern of sites it went wrong for Brady and Hindley as I have always held the opinion that the two girls were never intended to be in the same area.

I have no doubt, personally, that Hindley is dead. I was warned beforehand that Hindley would be dead within the same day I was informed of her condition. I was also contacted by someone very close to Hindley after her death and someone from her legal team. The European Court was looking into her parole plea but a final decision was not reached before her death. She would never have been allowed to leave the country even if she had been paroled and there was also the possibility, as I was told, of re-arrest in regard to Keith and Pauline. I think the Home Office of that time and in future times were and would have been determined she would never be released and there would have been something they could have done to ensure that. Hindley also told me herself that she believed she would never be released but she would fight 'The injustice' she felt about the way she was being treated, although she added she understood that 'injustice' she felt would mean nothing to me or the other families.

It does no good to have these conspiracy theories as, just like many other theories over the years, they do nothing to help the search for Keith or the small comfort gained by the other families of having their loved ones returned from the moor.
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Re: Re. Search for Keith

PostPosted by Amy-91 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:11 pm

I have never understood how that conspiracy theory could be believed. Hindley's death may have seemed premature by general standards, but even to the public it was clear that her health had been declining for years. In 1999, Brady and Hindley collapsed in the same week - causing the tabloids to write hysterical nonsense about a 'suicide pact' - and Hindley survived a cerebral aneurysm then as well as suspected strokes and a heart attack two weeks before she died. In those final years, the papers were full of reports of chest infections, blood clots, angina, osteoporosis, hypertension, etc, etc. Virtually all of Hindley's health complaints were caused or exacerbated by her heavy smoking and she had been warned to stop, to no avail. She was a walking timebomb.

I think there is also a religious angle. Hindley received the Last Rites (twice), and there is no way that a Catholic priest would offer that absolution to a person who was not dying. She was afraid of facing God's punishment, of her soul being cast into Hell, of being 'unsaved' - and I remember her friend, Father Michael Teader, saying that he had tried to comfort her by saying "God has no favourites" (Romans 2:11). She is gone.
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