Points for discussion.

Points for discussion.

PostPosted by AB64 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:30 pm

If anybody would like to suggest any topics I should put on the forum page that you may think should be on there for discussion please let me know. I am aware that some members may want to post about things I have not yet created an area for. Please don't hesitate to suggest any as this is what this forum should be all about.

Thank you,

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Re: Points for discussion.

PostPosted by Steve Ward » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:12 pm

Hello Alan

What about~

"Brady on the moor"
"Hindley on the moor"
"Cameras Brady owned"
"Hindley vehicles"

We could discuss these topics if you wish?

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Re: Points for discussion.

PostPosted by Amy-91 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:20 am

This is just an idea, but I have often wondered if some kind of "myth-busting" thread might be useful - partly for people to ask questions, but mostly so that common myths which have grown around the case over time can be corrected. Here's a few I can think of:

1. David Smith was "involved" in the Moors murders - there are still far too many people who believe some version of this. Another variant also does the rounds, along the lines of "People in Manchester know more than they are letting on", etc.
2. Brady and Hindley were found guilty of all 5 murders in the 1960s - again, a lot of people seem unaware the confessions came later
3. Hindley is not dead and has been released with a new identity - I think this one speaks for itself
4. Brady is a 6st, hunger-striking creature on the brink of death, etc, etc - !!!!!!
5. Keith's location could be "anywhere" and nobody has any idea of where to focus the search - obviously untrue
5. General mythology, i.e Hindley was a sweet Catholic girl who was misled, Brady is a manipulative Hannibal type - not representative of the facts
6. "The occult" has some connection with the case
7. Edward Evans' sexuality - a lie invented by IB
8. The problem of people believing lies, such as claims that there were more victims, Hindley was bullied and abused into it all, etc

I'm sure there are more - so much nonsense and misinformation spread about this case.
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